Once you have downloaded the "zipped" files and extracted ("unzipped") them, you are ready to run the Geometric Clutch model program for a 10-µm cilium.

1) Open the "EZ Model C" folder. The default location is on drive "C".
2) Double click on the EZ Model C.exe file
3) The program should open up in a new window in MS-DOS mode.
4) To run the model type in "A" as your desired selection.
5) Follow the on screen instructions.
NOTES: Try running the model once with animation style screen display and once without. If you want to print the final output of the model, type in "n" when asked if you want an animation style screen display. When selecting a large number of iterations for a run, the final output of the non-animated run looks much nicer if you select a larger number of iterations per plot. For example, if you choose 1000 iterations you would select 20 iterations per plot. After making all your selections, when you press ENTER to run the program the display will open into a full screen.