Xianggui (Harvey) Qu
Professor in Statistics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Winter 2023

STA 2221: Introduction to Statistical Methods
STA 2222: Statistical Methods for Biology

Courses taught previously


PH 640: Statistical Methods in Public Health
STA 225: Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Reasoning
STA 226: Applied Probability and Statistics
STA 501: Statistical Methods in Research and Production
STA 502/402: Applied Linear Models I
STA 503/403: Applied Linear Models II
STA 505: Statistics and Finance
STA 505: Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials
STA 513/STA 427: An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
STA 514/STA 428: An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
STA 515: Stochastic Processes
STA 522: Statistical Process Control
STA 527: Linear Statistical Models
STA 603: Advanced Design of Experiments


MTH 118: Mathematical Sciences in the Modern World
MTH 141: Precalculus
MTH 155: Calculus II
MTH 275: Linear Algebra

Research interests:

Selected Publications

How to Contact Me?

Xianggui (Harvey) Qu
371 Mathematics and Sciences Center
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309
Phone: 248-370-4029
Fax: 248-370-4184
email: qu@oakland.edu

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