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Bradley J. Roth, Professor

Department of Physics, Oakland University,

190 Science & Engineering Building, Rochester, Michigan 48309

phone: (248) 370-4871, fax: (248) 370-3408, email:

Office: 166 Hannah Hall


·       OU.gif Oakland University, Department of Physics

·       cbr.jpg Center for Biomedical Research

·       Curriculum Vitae

·       Citation Statistics: ResearcherID, Google Scholar

·       Many reprints of my papers can be found at ResearchGate

·       My Physics Genealogy

·        Website for Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, 5th Edition, by Russell Hobbie and Bradley Roth.

·       Vanderbilt University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

·       University of Kansas, Department of Physics and Astronomy

·       2006 IEEE EMBS Conf Talk "How to Explain Why 'Unequal Anisotropy Ratios' is Important Using Pictures but No Mathematics." (In the powerpoint presentation, you can see everything except some important hand-waving.)

·       I am the "curator" for the article about the bidomain model in Scholarpedia.

·       A paper titled "Virtual Electrodes Made Simple: A Cellular Excitable Medium Modified for Strong Electrical Stimuli" was published in The Online Journal of Cardiology. This journal no longer exists (but click here for an archived version with animations). Click here for a pdf reproduction of the article (without animations).

·       I am the OU faculty representative for the Goldwater Fellowship.

·       I am the Graduate Program Director for the Oakland University Medical Physics PhD program.  Click here for more information, including copies of old qualifier exams.

·       Click here for a map of Oakland University