Physics 325, Biological Physics


From the Undergraduate Catalog:


Application of physics to biology, including biomechanics, fluid dynamics, statistical mechanics, diffusion, bioelectricity, biomagnetism, and feedback and control


This class, to be offered in Fall 2012 (8:00-9:07, MWF; I’m a morning person), is intended for physics majors interested in biology, and for biology students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how basic physics is applied in the life sciences. I particularly welcome premed students, and students in the new Engineering Biology program.


The prerequisites for the class are PHY 102 or 152 (that is, you should have completed a 2-semester introductory physics sequence), and MTH 155 (you should have been introduced to calculus). Mathematically, this class will be at a relatively low level compared to most upper level physics classes, but will be at a relatively high level compared to most biology classes. If you've had calculus, I wouldn't be afraid of the math. See me if you are uncertain whether you belong in the course.  My goal is to teach at a level that is challenging yet understandable to premed students.


The textbook will be the 4th edition of "Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology" by Russell Hobbie and Brad Roth. We will cover chapters 1 through 10.  The OU library has electronic access to this book, so you don’t need to buy a copy if you don’t mind reading pdf files on your laptop, Kindle, or iPad. (Of course, you are welcome to purchase a paper copy—and pay me Royalties in the process—if you wish; you can get it cheaply through the OU library website access.) The book also has its own blog (, and its own facebook page. How many textbooks can say that?


My website is I am a biological physicist, and my research is on the electrical properties of the heart. Contact me (, or phone x4871) if you have any questions.


This is a fun and interesting class.  If you haven't enrolled yet, please consider doing so, and tell your friends to enroll too.