Tony Shaska

Tony Shaska

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Oakland University
146 Library Drive
Rochester, MI. 48309

Office: 546 Mathematics Science Center
E-mail: shaska[at]

Work in progress:

  1. M. Fried, T. Shaska; Stability of binary forms
  2. T. Shaska, D. Tabaku; Cartier and Weil divisors on weighted projective spaces
  3. T. Shaska; Weighted greatest common divisors and local heights on WPS blown-up at a point, relative to the exceptional divisor

Submitted or waiting to be submitted

  1. A. Obus, T. Shaska; Superelliptic Jacobians with complex multiplication.
  2. Y. Kopeliovich, T. Shaska; The addition on superelliptic Jacobians from a geometric viewpoint,
  3. L. Beshaj, J. Gutierrez, T. Shaska, Weighted greatest common divisors and weighted heights, Journal of Number Theory
  4. A. Clingher, A. Malmendier, T. Shaska, On isogenies among certain Abelian varieties, Geometry and Physics
  5. R. Hidalgo, S. Quispe, T. Shaska, On generalized superelliptic Riemann surfaces

Other preprints

  1. J. Gutierrez and T. Shaska, Equations for superelliptic curves with minimal invariants
  2. A. Elezi, T. Shaska, Reduction of binary forms via the hyperbolic center of mass


  • A. Bialostocki
  • A. Clingher
  • G. Frey
  • M. Fried
  • J. Gutierrez
  • K. Magaard
  • A. Malmendier
  • E. Previato
  • S. Shpectorov
  • H. Völklein